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By September 1, 2008 4 Comments

quoddy trail is one of the few shoe companies left in the USA who are still cutting, skiving, stitching, and sewing their shoes by hand. after almost 2 years of daily use including quite a few rain storms my first pair of quoddy boat shoes finally bit the dust so i decided to order another pair through their website. it takes about 4-6 weeks but for about $120 you get a great pair of shoes hand-made to your specs. their customer service is incredible, and while i thought my request for a size “9 and a quarter” was asking too much they replied “no problem”.


  • haylie says:

    this company looks amazing! thank you for introducing me. i’m considering the grizzly boots for the winter.also, this company is based out of one of my very favoite places in the world, Perry, ME! Its a beautiful town full of the most wonderful craftsmen & small homespun businesses- downeast maine is like a second home to me! p.s. loving your blog! thanks for sharing.

  • Mat says:

    Yep, thanks for the link. these shoes looks great, but… are you sure it’s 120$ not 210$ ?

    The Bluchers also looks great, btw…

  • admin says:

    yeah! less than $120!

  • coop says:

    I have a pair of the bluchers, and I had the same experience with Quoddy…excellent to work with and quality products. I live in Utah and when its raining out and I’m walking in my Quoddy’s I don’t have to worry about the leather getting wet or my feet getting soaked. The camp soles are very durable and have not changed at all since I purchased them in August. I wear mine everyday.

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